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India’s largest network of dialysis centers
Investment: 2016

NephroPlus is India’s largest and most widely distributed network of dialysis focused centers. Founded in 2009, NephroPlus currently has a network of dialysis centers across 18 states in India, offering dialysis services as well as facilitating nephrological procedures including kidney transplants with its partner hospitals. The network includes both stand-alone dialysis units as well as services in collaboration with stand-alone and multi-chain hospitals.

Dialysis is a necessity for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients who have end-stage renal disease. Due to a significant undersupply of dialysis centers in India, a majority of patients cannot get access to the treatment. With the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension, leading causes of CKD, expected to rise due to lifestyle factors, the need for dialysis in India is likely to increase further. SeaLink Capital Partners is working closely with the NephroPlus team as they further expand their network across India and address a crucial healthcare need for millions of people.
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Surya Children’s Medicare Pvt. Ltd

Western India’s largest children’s hospital chain
Investment: 2018

Founded in 1983, Surya Children’s Medicare Pvt. Ltd. (Surya) is Western India's largest children’s hospital chain with focus on high risk maternity and neonatal and paediatric intensive care. Surya has built India’s largest Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and is well known for its best-in-class clinical outcomes and neonatal survival rates in the country. The company currently operates mother and childcare hospitals across Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur.

One out of every four pre-term babies in the world is born in India. Increased prevalence of fertility treatments has led to more complex and high-risk pregnancies requiring specialized gynaecological care. Rising pre-term birth rates and maternal complications have created an urgent need for improved clinical outcomes. The current mother and childcare market in India is highly fragmented and unorganised with a significant shortfall in high quality paediatric healthcare services and infrastructure. SeaLink Capital endeavours to work closely with the company, as Surya expands its network of specialty hospitals.
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